'Hire Only' Service


Stairs & Staircases


Real hardwood staircases add a distinctive design element to your home. Whether you want your stairs finished naturally for a classic look, or stained a rich ebony, anything is possible with a hardwood staircase. As mentioned above, and by way of warning, sanding stairs is a dusty business, but does give a great result in the end, as we think you'll agree.

    There are usually two different options for stair stripping:

  • Option 1: The outsides of the treads and risers are sanded and coated, the middle section to be covered eventually by a stair carpet.

  • Option 2: The entire tread and risers are sanded and coated to be left exposed. Bear in mind that this could result in a rather echoey stairwell.
We usually only treat these parts of the stairs and don't tackle banisters.

Pricing: From €30-50 per step (stripping / sanding / gap-filling / finishing with 3 coats of clear high traffic varnish).